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Saying that Faroskim has been a real pleasure to talk a little with the great Bill Bryan and give us your opinion on some questions we asked. All we do know that Bill is skimboard history of the sport and has been the best for many years. Here's what he told us the "Elvis" of skim, Bill Bryan

- How many years have you been doing skimboard?
39 years(im 40)
- What is your favorite beach?
My favorite beaches are 10th, west, wedge, solmar, yokohama, waimea, ke iki, restaurants, uluwatu.
- What is the best thing that has given the skimboard?
I will say that skimboarding is magical the way it gives me health physically and mentally. I love the feeling of flying it gives in the moment and the satisfaction of pulling something off that has never been done...
- What is the best wave you've surfed?The best wave I skimmed was at wedge. The best waves I've surfed we're tahiti,indonesia and fiji. Stick with it. It keeps you fit and in touch with a really cool family.
- Do you know anything of European skimboard? What do you know?Great spirit over there and some good waves. I've skimmed a bunch in france(found sider at Bayonne), San Sebastian too. I'm a sider fiend! Also fun reform in Portugal.. I want to tow in at nazare. I can wait to skim these spots with you guys. Stoked your finding more new spots..,that's great for the sport of skimming.
- What would you like to say in addition to what you ask?
Don't forget to surf and stay active in other sports, art, music!
Many thanks Bill!!!

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