jueves, 5 de enero de 2012


1) Name and Nationality

Andre Magarao, Brazilian

2) Since when have you been in the world of skimboarding

I have been involved with skimboarding for awhile now... Since 2004 maybe. But back then we only had wooden boards in Brazil! So i guess it changed a bunch!!

3) The best that you stay on your experience with the skimboard

I would say that the best experience I had with skimboarding are the friends. It feels like skimboarding is this small family and everyone knows each other. It's probably like in the beginning of other board sports like surfing or skateboarding... but now we have the internet so it makes everything closer.

4) What are your favorite spots skimboard?

I live in Rio and I would say that Itacoatiara is one of my favorite spots to take pictures. And of course Sununga makes for some pretty impressive shots.

5) Know something of Spanish skimboard? What do you think of our Trafalgar lighthouse beach in southern Spain?

i don't know much about Spanish skimboarding. Trafalgar looks awesome!!! really nice waves and beautiful light. The place we skimmed during the UST in France, San Sebastian, it was also amazing!!! The crazy old town in the background of the pictures, nice siders, really good frontal waves when the tide was lower, topless girls everywhere... that was a good combination for sure!

6) You could pick your 5 photos that you like or most represent for you and in a few words?

Super old shot from the beginning of SkimBrasil... Important cos it was when Munir Ruffo, Morgan Blunder and I were really involved with skimboarding and trying hard to get brazilian skimboard recognized around the world. If it wasn't for them SkimBrasil probably wouldn't have started...

Eduardo Medrado riding at Sununga. That was one of my first trips to Sununga, back in the wooden boards day. Eduardo Medrado showed me a lot about skimboarding...

Guilherme Vaz at Vidigal Beach - pretty good session, 5 minutes from where we live... I was impressed at how well the Brazil Kids were riding that day! if it wasn't for the Brazil Kids, SkimBrazil probably wouldn't exist anymore...

Munir Ruffo at Sununga - Cover shot on Foreverskim mag!

Guilherme Vaz at Itacoatiara Beach - a pretty good session and seeing the Brazil Kids grow up was really cool

7) Finally, thanks for giving us a while to make this mini interview, it is an honor for all Faroskimers. Say what you want to finish

thanks for the opportunity! France was really fun last year!! Hope I can make it to Portugal this year to meet you all again!

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sam martin dijo...

Its quite interesting to read any interview on skimboarding as I love it too. I goes for it many with my friends and enjoys a lot.